At PAIGE, the goal of our sustainable efforts is to constantly evolve for the better by making proactive changes to our manufacturing practices and material sourcing. We are working hard to find ways to conserve water and energy, minimize waste, reduce the use of chemicals, and source environmentally responsible materials that don’t compromise our exceptional quality, comfort, or design. We have partnered with key industry leaders to adopt eco-positive methods and modern technologies to reduce our environmental impact and carbon footprint.

Pocket Flashers & Hangtags

Every PAIGE pocket flasher and hangtag is made using a FSC* mixture of materials from FSC*-certified forests, recycled materials, and/or FSC*-controlled wood and recycled paper.

Woven Labels

Our woven labels are made with recycled polyester from post-consumer PET bottles.


Our woven labels are made with recycled polyester from post-consumer PET bottles.

*FSC is an international, non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting responsible management of the world’s forests. Since its foundation in 1994, FSC has grown to become the world’s most respected and widespread forest certification system. FSC's pioneering certification system, which now covers more than 200 million hectares of forest, enables businesses and consumers to choose wood, paper and other forest products made with materials that support responsible forestry.
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Eco Stone - Uses & Savings: The new stone washing media of the future

PAIGE has started to incorporate the use of artificial stones, made from a polymer clay in the same size as natural stones, which resist much longer (6-8 washes vs. 2-3 for pumice). Powderless eco stones are a long-lasting, hard-wearing alternative that offers the same look, while dramatically reducing the required number of washes. Once they degrade or become too small, they are returned to the supplier to be recycled into new faux stones.

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Textile Recycling:

The leftover “offcuts” from our denim production are repurposed in multiple innovative ways.

Some scraps are repurposed in art projects for schools, while others are recycled into mattress fillings, insulation, carpet padding, etc.

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  • Employee health & safety
  • Monitoring labor practices to prevent child labor, involuntary labor, wages paid, on-time compensation, overtime, etc.
  • Subcontracting
  • Environmental standards
  • Reviewing all necessary business documentation
  • Internally monitoring required compliance points and taking corrective action
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